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The following Products approved by the licensing authority, AYUSH department (Govt. of Haryana) which are Launching very soon to serve a Healthy Humanity:

For pre mature greying of hair, weak hair, alopecia (baldness):

  • KESIA   Hair Oil
  • KESH RATNA        Hair Oil
  • HAIR LOOK Advance Hair Oil
  • KESH PLUS            Hair Oil

Hair Loss treatment:

  • SIOMOND Hair Oil
  • SIOMOND HAIR   Capsules

For Joint Pain, Arthritis and Stiffness:

  • RHUMO FORTE       Capsules
  • ARTHOGOLD        Capsules
  • ORTHOGOLD        Capsules

For increasing joint mobility and reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain:


The unique combination with calcium for Joint pains, Arthritis:

  • ARTHOCAL           Capsules

For reunion of fractured bones:

  • BONECAL             Capsules
  • BONEREX               Capsules

Sex Oil for men for increasing organ Shaft (Penis):

  • NINEX                  Sex  Oil
  • POWER KING        Sex  Oil
  • SIZER PLUS           Sex  Oil

Male enhancement Sex Oil:

  • XPERT                  Sex Oil
  • MUSLI PLUS          Sex Oil

Sex Capsules for men for increasing organ Shaft (Penis):

  • SIZER GOLD          Capsules

Herbal Aphrodisiac for males:

  • CHAMPION          Capsules & Oil
  • LOVE POWER       Capsules & Oil
  • SUX                     Capsules & Oil
  • OVERNIGHT         Capsules & Oil

Eye Drops to correct Eye disorders:

  • I-VITAL   Eye Drops
  • EYE CARE  Eye Drops

Eye Drops to increase vision:

  • DRISHTI PLUS    Eye Drops
  • VISION Eye Drops

Sex Capsules to increase Sexual desire:

  • BLISSCAP           Capsules

Capsules for excessive precum treatment:

  • MUSLI GOLD POWER  Capsules
  • Dharmani MUSLI POWER   Capsules

Male stimulant Pills:

  • SEX FIRE               Capsules
  • SX-POWER            Capsules

For increasing Sperm count motility and thickness:

  • SPERMOGOLD      Capsules
  • SPERMOFORT  Capsules

Capsules to cure Sperm leakage:

  • SPERM PLUS      Capsules
  • SPEMEX GOLD     Capsules

Breast Improver:

  • SUBOOM              Capsules
  • B.T. PLUS      Breast Cream
  • B.T. UP                Capsules

Grow Taller Capsules for Increasing Height and Growth:

  • LONG PLUS          Capsules
  • SUPER HEIGHT     Capsules
  • LONG HEIGHT      Capsules
  • GROW FASTER      Capsules
  • MEGA POWER      Capsules

Weight Gainer Capsules:

  • GYMFORTE        Capsules
  • GOLDICAP              Capsules

Appetite increaser Capsules:

  • APITONE              Capsules


  • SLIM PLUS           Capsules
  • SLIM –N-SHAPE    Capsules

For uterine weakness:

  • FYZICAL             Capsules

To Regularize menses:

  • MENSO FORTE       Capsules

To Stop Night fall & Semen leakage:

  • FALL AWAY          Capsules

For hypertension, Angina:

  • HRIDYA RATNA    Capsules

Blood purifier to rejuvenate Skin & removes pimples, acne:

  • GLOWCAP            Capsules
  • SKEEN                  Capsules

For increasing Immunity & Rejuvenates your body:

  • SURGUP                  Capsules
  • SURVITAL GOLD   Capsules
  • INVITAL GOLD      Capsules

Anti- Ageing Capsules:

  • TOTAL HEALTH     Capsules

Unique Formulated Avaleh for increasing Immunity & fights for minor diseases:

  • JIWAN JOSH Prash  Avaleh

Appetite suppressant capsules:

  • SLIMPH                   Capsules

For Leucorrhoea:

  • LEKORIN              Capsules

Brain tonic for all age groups:

  • CONFIDENCE        Capsules
  • MASTERMIND      Capsules

For Digestive problems:

  • DIGYL                      Capsules

For Cough:

  • SINACURE            Capsules

For Kidney Stones:

  • KILSTONE             Capsules

For Gonorrhoea:

  • GONO-STOP         Capsules

For increasing and correcting vocal sounds:

  • VOCAL CARE         Capsules

For Fever:

  • FEVRILE                Capsules
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